White men need only apply

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Meanwhile, white women and people of color who were recruited from the same competitive MBA pool received more mundane work, including tasks they had already mastered. This disparity in development had long-term career consequences; when women, for example, did make partner, they waited an average of two years longer than men.

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The firm may have welcomed traditionally underrepresented groups, but its workplace practices systematically, if inadvertently, undermined them—a familiar scenario that plays out at a lot of companies. And so, the cycle continues: These employees get the challenging asments that help them learn new skills.

With more opportunities to shine, they rise through the ranks faster, preserving the status quo. Assessment-oriented cultures are difficult for everyone, since people in these settings feel compelled to prove their worth, hide failures and mistakes, and avoid taking risks. Meanwhile, those deemed stars are given the benefit of the doubt, even when they make mistakes. In these cultures, white women and people of color would get an equal shot at plum asments, for example, and receive the coaching and support needed to help them succeed.

These organizations are structured so that all employees get the opportunities they need to grow and advance. In turn, by cultivating a broad array of talent, developmental organizations are not only more equitable but are also more agile, innovative, and, ultimately, competitive, she says.

Are they making people feel supported by offering guidance when they slip up? Or are they tearing people down by nit-picking over every misstep?

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His typical reaction, he noted, was to point out each error, instruct her to fix it, and tell her not to do it again. It will be fine. That recollection helped this manager reframe his interactions with his employee, leading him to initiate a more direct conversation to help her think about specific ways she could improve.

Any company that commits to fostering a development culture could not only achieve greater equity by retaining and promoting a more diverse array of employees but also gain a competitive edge over assessment-oriented firms, which fail to harness all of their talent, Ely says.

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White men need only apply

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