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Finding love across the back fence or apartment corridor is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. But also, potentially, mortifying. O ne night, Hayden Starr returned home to find his neighbours having a party. Keen to see who lived there, he invited himself in. It was her party, but we ended up spending ages chatting and she tells me all these crazy stories.

A few months in, Sophie moved to Melbourne and the relationship was off. Sophie eventually moved back to Canberra to be with Starr. So did he ever worry that dating a neighbour might, well, blow up in his face? I just had so much faith in it.

But not every over-the-fence romance works out as well as theirs. One woman told me that at a former address she had slept with two people on her street, and another a block away, forcing her to dress up every time she had to go to the supermarket. When things did not pan out, she started taking the train.

Multiple friends have regaled me with horror stories about having flings with men in their neighbourhood, only to spot them at local haunts later — with other women.

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Becoming romantically entangled with a neighbour is a high-risk but potentially high-reward gambit — get it right and you could have a marriage of love and convenience. Get it wrong and every coffee run comes with the possibility of an uneasy encounter. Over time he got up the courage to say hello and then we started having a chat and he asked me if I wanted to go for a coffee. Dating apps also play a role in facilitating local love — and discomfort — particularly when people are confined within a 5km lockdown radius.

In the middle of the game, their ball went flying over a wall and into the neighbouring garden, sparking a tense confrontation. A protracted yelling match ensued.

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After a long discussion, he called the police on us. Alex thought that would be the end of it. Later that day he opened Grindr, a gay dating app that shows you a grid of the users geographically closest to you.

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According to Grindr, the man lived m away from him. I declined the invitation and asked him to donate the ball to somewhere that might find use for it. Has Alex seen the basketball man since? It is awkward. I thought he was way older than that. He lived m up the road. In neighbourhood dating, as in all matters of the heart, sometimes you have to take a leap. Melissa Mason and Tom Falkner met via an online dating site and they were living a street away from each other. Katie Cunningham.

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What's Your Problem? I'm Sexually Attracted to My Next Door Neighbor.