My wife needs friends

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By UnreasonableJuly 9, in Friendship and Friends. We moved to a new place and my wife desperately needs friends. She doesn't work. We have met some of our neighbors but she doesn't really care for them.

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My wife needs friends it is very nice of you to try and help your wife find friends, I hope she realizes that it is ultimately her responsibility to make the effort and connect with people if she wants to be social. Hope she isn't My wife needs friends this on you.

Have you met any new friends? I don't have very many friends where my boyfriend lives but have made friends with his friends and some of their girlfriends. There are local mommy and me groups which organize play dates and outings Also check link removed and look for local groups in your area that interest your wife. Depending on how old your kids are there are walking groups for new moms, play groups for older kids, etc.

I did a mommy and me class through a church when my son was younger I have friends, acquaintances really, from work, but unfortunate I have a long commute and I really don't see that going anywhere. As far as my wife's interests? She doesn't really have any sadly. She has no hobbies whatsoever. We used to play online games together, but don't even do that anymore. If they are very young- check your local library. Also look for a community centre. Where I live there are playcentres that you can go to and everyone just kind of pitches in- brings squares, makes coffee etc Older kids?

Yoga class, pottery class. Check your local craft stores and home improvement stores for free seminars on cake decorating, scrapbooking, birdhouse building A lot of places offer these one-day classes for free hoping to get you to buy their stuff. Also- maybe see if your community has a Welcome Wagon. But yeah, it's up to her. SHE has to be willing to go out and do it. You can bring her all the options in the world, it's up to her to take them. A lot of communities have mommy groups like others have mentioned.

Definitely check out Craigslist community section and other free local announcement boards. My ex had no real friends and she lived in the same area for 40 yrs! Her friends we my friends and family. This is a serious issue and I hope she is able to find her way. When one spouse doesn't have their "own" life it puts tremendous strain on the other spouse to provide happiness and enjoyment in the marriage and their life.

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This is a fools errand as I came to know after 20 yrs together. I killed myself trying to make her happy and begged her to take some classes, meet up with old high school friends and even go have fun with the other moms without the kids around but it rarely if ever happened. She simply wouldn't do it. I wish I new more back then as I might have been able to help her more.

She was extrememly social too so that wasn't it. Don't just simply give her the great ideas you got above, but go online with her, take time off and go with her the first few times and do this together as a couple. You are not responsible for her friendships but you can help her out of her shell.

Depending on your wife's interest, she can multiple clubs and they sponsor a lot of events and activities. Then there's gyms, bike clubs, bars, restaurants.

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By ShopLady Started September By DJ. Started Wednesday at AM. Psych2Go posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember TopThink posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember All Activity Home Helping my wife make friends Helping my wife make friends Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Unreasonable Posted July 9, Posted July 9, I would like a list of FREE activities women with children can do to meet other women.

Church is not an option, we My wife needs friends not religious people. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options What are your wife's interests? CatsMeeoow Posted July 9, Its really going to depend on where you live but here are some starters!!! Just google Mommy and Me groups and the location where you live and see what comes up. Good Luck! FarthestEdge Posted July 9, How old are your kids? Take the kids to the park on a sunny day for a picnic.

You can bring her all the options in the world, it's up to her to take them Is there a cause she'd consider volunteering for? Hope something here helps. This to me struck a cord. I am assuming you are in the US. The best place to meet friends is in the website: link removed Depending on your wife's interest, she can multiple clubs and they sponsor a lot of events and activities. Good luck! Gath Posted July 9, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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Go to topic listing. Top Discussions this Week. Is it is okay for me to ask him how much time he needs? Husband changed. Mother-in-law problem. What exactly does "connection" mean? Think of it like a magnet. If you have a magnet, it is going to attract, but also repel based on its polarity.

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If you have a positive and a positive and you put them together, guess what's gonna happen? They're going to repel each other. Same with a negative and negative. But when you have a positive and a negative, they clink right like this. The key to attracting love is embodying your own sense of polarity, which really is the authenticity of who you really are, letting go of what you are not so that you can attract love easier than ever. These are things that completely transformed my own life. Fake happiness can be hard to detect, but if you know the s you can spot it.

My wife needs friends

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My wife [30/F] of two years no longer has any friends. I [29/M] am her only friend. Starting to worry.