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Like it or hate it, welcome to the 21st Century, where family values have shifted far from nuclear. Pennsylvania law has kept up with this major shift in family dynamics, and married parents essentially have the same rights as unmarried parents.

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However, if you are unmarried, there may be some steps that need to be taken in order to protect your Pennsylvania parental privileges. No additional steps are necessary in attempting to prove any biological relationship to your. Even though a birth mother is pd, there is no such presumption for a father. I was extremely committed to my partner the entire time we were dating. Otherwise, the only other ways to establish paternity would be for your partner to voluntarily acknowledge that he is the father or for you to prove it in court by a DNA test. Somebody call Maury. All my single mothers put your Married personals Cowansville Pennsylvania up!

One of the many things women have going for them is that there really is no disputing whether or not you are the birth mother of your. With the invention of C-sections and the occasional hospital baby mix-up, the waters may be a tad murkier, but, overwhelmingly, a baby can only come into this world one way. With that being said, your rights as a single mother are no different than if you were married. Nothing about your marital status impacts your physical and legal custody of your. As mentioned above, if you are unmarried, you will need to take steps to establish paternity and obtain child support.

If the father of your child refuses to admit to his newest seedling, you have the right to petition the court to require a genetic test.

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If the test comes back positive i. Once paternity is established, you then have the right to seek child support from the biological father.

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But, be forewarned: a paternity finding also gives the father the ability to seek other parental rights — rights such as physical and legal custody. After this huge step, you both can work out a parenting plan and child support arrangements without the involvement of the court. As an unmarried father, you must fully establish paternity before you can ask for any parental rights related to the. But, be forewarned: if you are successful in establishing paternity, the mother of your child may be able to seek child support.

It just depends on various variables.

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Here at Darbouze Law Group, we understand that navigating your rights as an unmarried parent can be bewildering, befuddling, and bamboozling. Allow us to shine some light on your situation and make single parenthood as smooth as possible. Give us a call today and we can not only discuss your legal rights, but also recite some perplexing tongue twisters — how can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

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Post comment. Single vs. Married: Your Rights as a Pennsylvania Parent. Mar 22 By Nialyn Pagliari, Esq. Associate Attorney. Learn More. Married Parents vs. Unmarried Mothers Rights All my single mothers put your hands up! Like this: Like Loading Author: Nialyn Pagliari.

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Married personals Cowansville Pennsylvania

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