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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Kid reviews for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Common Sense says Bloody military shooter with disturbing cinematic moments. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Kid, 11 years old June 19, Okay, if you're going to skip over this review because it is written by an 11 year old boy, I can't blame you, but this review is simply my mind about Call of Duty MW3 entirely.

This is going to be a review that proves lots of things that parents say are bad about this game wrong. Let me start by saying that I don't actually own this game, but I have seen most of the campaign and numerous multiplayer videos on YouTube. So I have the general idea of what this Looking for some mw3 is all about and what is good, ok, and bad for kids in this title. Ok, so many parents say that excessive violence is a problem for their children.

Well, of course there's violence in the game, there's no doubt there, but excessive might be pushing it. This game has death and guns and knives, but remember that in this game, you are a soldier fighting for a good cause[in this case ending World War III and hunting down a madman war leader]. It's not like the characters you play as are bloodthirsty maniacs with an iron will to kill. There is a good role model in this game named Captain John Price. He is the main protaganist in MW3 and is willing to give his life to end a war driven by a Russian madman.

For kids who are mature enough to know what is going on in in the Armed Forces every day, Capt. Price may be a good role model for a mature. They just don't know how this game is really like the horrors in the Middle East today. So yeah, there's violence in this game, but the "violence" is more like an act of valor rather than countlessly slaying people in truly terrible games that deserve an M rating like Grand Theft Auto.

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Parents also say that blood squirts and splatters all around the area. The blood in MW3 does not fit this description at all. There is blood, but there is only one or two scenes where blood is excessive.

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These are in cinematic clips which can be skipped. Also, this whole time I've been talking about the campaign, which is where this game mostly gets its M rating. Now I'll talk about multiplayer content. Ok, so multiplayer is the least violent part of this game. This is the part of the game that deserves a T rating, not an M. In this mode, the player is sent online to play against other players in numerous "maps". This mode is not too violent as blood is minimal and can only really be seen in slo-mo which can be skipped.

Also, there are barely any onscreen voices. Occasionally, a voice message created by the game will inform the player about things going on in the game. Looking for some mw3 for a younger child, there could be older players with "ingame microphones" that can be taunting or rude to your. The good thing is, if another player is taunting you, you can mute them so you will no longer hear messages from them. One thing about multiplayer that if your child is new to the game, then more experienced players will destroy them in multiplayer.

That can be frustrating and your kid might give up and it will be money down the drain if you buy it for them. So that's why I recommend that your kid practice the game before they try multiplayer so they will not be discouraged. So with the violence problem, my final verdict is that if your kid is 12 or over, they should be able to handle the violence in MW3. Lots of parents say excessive foul language is also a problem for their.

Well, there is a bit of language, but nothing worse than what your kid hears every day. No f-word in this game.

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So, after hearing the excessive violence and language problem from many parents on here, I think this review can shine a brighter light on this game for parents who think that MW3 is just a brutal, foul game that makes your kid kill hundreds of men in cold blood.

So parents, my final verdict about MW3 is that if your child has awareness of the world today, can handle a few deaths, knows to practice before diving into multiplayer, and knows to mute obnoxious players, and Looking for some mw3 12 years or older, then MW3 is OK for your. Thank you for reading. This title contains: Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 3.

Report this review. Kid, 10 years old February 21, Infinity Ward brings you nonstop action in the third installment of the Modern Warfare series and the 8th game in the Call of Duty franchise. Not for kids? No way. I was playing Black Ops back when I was 8. This is nothing compared to how gory that game was. This game is easily okay for a year-old as long as they don't make fun of it.

There is a scene in the game that may be skipped where a girl dies but there is no gore or even a drop of blood, that character wasn't introduced to you so you won't feel sad, and you don't see her die being the gas from the gas attack blocks her! This game has a multiplayer mode. If you are so concerned about a drop of blood from the story mode, then just play multiplayer. In the campaign, there is some smoking. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Read my mind 1. Teen, 15 years old Written by Sealith January 12, An honest and detailed review from a player.

Okay I know that most people aren't going to read this review because it's coming from a year-old, but if you've read this far keep reading. The graphics, the enhanced multi-player, the customization, the perks system, the leaderboards, everything. I kept looking at reviews to try to get my parents to buy me the game, but for two years they stuck to the stubborn response of "It's and M rated game. Immediately I plugged the system in and inserted the disc. First things first though. When you get the game, and you're not a very experienced Call of Duty or first-person shooter FPS gamer, play the single player first, or you'll get crushed online.

Even after experience with other COD games and after playing though several missions on the single-player campaign, I went through my first online game at a miserable 2 kills and 20 deaths. Okay so onto the part that most parents probably care about most. The reason that the game has an 'M' rating. Well first thing's first, in America, Looking for some mw3 you're game has blood and mild swearing and is rated 'T', you'll get sued. Also, the ESRB's rating system isn't very specific in my opinion.

Modern Warfare 3 tends to be slightly towards the lower side of 'M'. However it still has its reasons. Your kid is probably getting the game strictly for multi-player or possibly for Special Operations or 'Spec Ops'so I'll review that first. The first thing you need to know that this is where the game could pretty much be called a 'T' game. Blood is very minimal, characters in-game don't swear, in fact, all the in-game voices are notifications that help out your team except for the lines said at the beginning and end of each match.

This is an improvement from COD World at War WaW the 5th game in the seriesbecause Mw3's beginning and ending lines don't contain swear words and aren't as 'negative'. For instance, a beginning line in WaW in free-for-all Looking for some mw3 man for himself is "Kill all who oppose you" and an ending line for U. Marines is "Outstanding Marines! Mw3 doesn't use these kinds of lines. Instead of blood spraying out of shot opponents, something that looks a lot like money flies out, which I'm not sure what that purpose is for or if it's suggestive of anything.

The only problem I have is that the players online aren't the best, epecially when it comes to vocabulary. Many players online swear constantly. If a person you kill has a mic, you can't hear the other team in team based gamesyou'll have about a Usually these contain swear words from either frustration or shock. However you can pull up the leaderboard by pressing 'select' on your controller, and mute those people by selecting their name.

This gets read of the swearing problem at once. Another problem with the online is that if your kid doesn't like practicing to get better, he'll drop this game quickly. Many people on this game are pros, and I still usually have more deaths than kills every game. Definitely stay away from the Search and Destroy game mode if you're inexperienced, because the people on that game mode are hardcore players that are extremely good.

Alright onto single player. This is where the game gets its 'M' rating. Also, the more accurate you are with a gun, the more violent it is. I played a mission with a sniper rifle after i had some experience online, and most of my shots were hehots. No matter the gun however, hehots usually result in blood spraying out of the enemy's head, and, if they're close to a wall, splattering against it.

Knifing an enemy usually has blood come out of him at a very close perspective, and Looking for some mw3 enemies will occasionally have pools of blood coming from them. One scene depicts a family in vacation in London where you actually control the father holding the camerawhere a mother and her daughter are blown up by a truck bomb and the father you dies almost instantly from a poisonous gas that's spilled out all over London. All in all, the campaign is where Modern Warfare 3 gets its 'M' rating.

A little side note for Spec. The missions and modes can be played with one person, two people, or with another online again beware of swearers. The violence is slightly up from multi-player, but not as much as the campaign. Overall, people play the game mostly for the multi-player action and possibly the new 'Survival Mode' in Spec.

Most people don't play it to kill avatars though, it's for the points and endless competition the game offers. The story-line is fairly immersing starting off right after Modern Warfare 2 endedand has tons of replay value. Just know that online players are very tough they make even the toughest enemies in single player pathetic at timesand the single player is rated 'M' for a reason.

I'll say a line that's probably overused by now, but if you're kid is mature enough, this game is worth it. I suggest playing it only on weekends anyways that's when the less experienced people are online anywaysand defiantly not before exams I never had time anyways. Some say that this game is great for venting out a bad day, but only if you're good at the game, cause being beaten won't help although I also have a great time played weather being destroyed or not!

Once you've gotten used to the game however, you'll find that Infinity Ward, the maker of the game, added some things that help new players out, such as point streaks that don't reset on death. Thanks for reading! Read my mind. Great, Great Game! Sweet game. The violence is basically exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2 - no real gore besides one quick flashback to Zakhaev having his arm blown off If you've played any other COD game, you can handle this one. Helped me decide.

Looking for some mw3

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