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If you are exploring different career paths, you are probably looking for an interesting job that matches your qualifications and skill sets. There are a wide variety of interesting careers in different industries and with varying requirements. Learning about the different interesting jobs that are available can help as you evaluate which one might be the best fit for you. In this article, we share a list of interesting jobs, ranked from lowest to highest salary.

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Here is a list of 20 interesting and unique jobs for you to consider with salary information and career descriptions:. Primary duties: A video game deer is responsible for deing characters, animation, art and levels for video games. Their primary duties include developing the games by using various programming languages and testing early versions of games for quality control purposes. Primary duties: An actor is responsible for interpreting a role for stage, television, films or other production.

Their primary duties include memorizing and rehearsing lines and working with the director on how to best portray a character. Primary duties: A ski instructor is responsible for helping students improve their skiing abilities. Their primary duties include teaching new skills and techniques to beginner and advanced skiers in a safe and fun manner, answering questions and helping them improve their confidence levels.

Primary duties: A caretaker is responsible for assisting people with their daily activities, whether at their home or inside an assisted-living facility. Their primary duties include helping the patients get dressed, bathe and eat.

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They may be responsible for planning and preparing meals or for running errands. Primary duties: A cake decorator is responsible for preparing cakes for clients. Their primary duties include applying creativity to the decoration of cakes and other special orders, labeling and dating products and ensuring customers are satisfied with the finished product.

Primary duties: A florist is responsible for arranging real and artificial flowers for customers. Their primary duties include watering plants, cutting and cleaning flowers for storage and ordering flowers and supplies from wholesalers and growers. Primary duties: A wedding consultant is responsible for helping the bride and groom plan their wedding.

Their primary duties include offering advice on outfits for the couple and their attendants, helping to prepare a budget for the wedding and planning details of the wedding. Primary duties: A farmer is responsible for growing and raising crops and animals for food processing. They have a wide range of duties, including driving tractors, tending to livestock and performing general handyman duties.

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Primary duties: A caterer is responsible for providing food for special events like weddings and conferences. Their primary duties include preparing and transporting food, as well as serving the food and cleaning up the venue after the meal. Primary duties: A stylist is responsible for providing beauty services. Their primary duties include cleaning and cutting hair, performing hair treatments and recommending products. Some stylists also provide other services like manicures, waxing, makeup application and facials. Primary duties: A concierge is responsible for helping guests within hotels.

Their primary duties include making reservations at restaurants, arranging for services within the hotel spa, providing information about local shopping and dining destinations and making travel arrangements for sightseeing. Primary duties: A tour guide is responsible for helping people visit unfamiliar areas.

Their primary duties include keeping customers informed about the itinerary, scheduling visits to museums and other attractions and familiarizing customers with the region. Primary duties: A zookeeper is responsible for caring for animals within a zoo.

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Their primary duties include feeding and cleaning the animals, observing their behavior, preparing food to meet their dietary needs, and providing environmental enrichment. Primary duties: A park ranger is responsible for protecting and supervising outdoor areas. Their primary duties include patrolling the grounds to ensure visitors are following the rules, providing guided tours and presentations and conducting search and rescue missions.

Primary duties: A booking agent is responsible for coordinating the appearances of artists and performers. Their primary duties include looking for new talent, identifying potential gigs and negotiating contacts. Primary duties: A wedding planner is responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly at a wedding. Their primary duties include meeting with vendors, setting up the ceremony and reception spaces, coordinating the reception timeline, running the rehearsal and managing last-minute emergencies.

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Primary duties: A horticulturist is responsible for overseeing the cultivation and maintenance of plants and crops. Their primary duties include preparing seedbeds, transferring plants to containers and moving those containers around the worksite, unloading shipments of packaged soil and tilling the soil. Primary duties: A staff photographer is responsible for taking pictures of people, places, events and objects.

Their work may appear anywhere from magazines to newspapers to online publications. A staff photographer uses photographic techniques and lighting equipment to take photos of subjects and enhances the images using photo-enhancing software. Primary duties: An event planner is responsible for ensuring events run smoothly.

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Their primary duties include liaising with vendors and stakeholders during events, maintaining budgets, booking entertainers, photographers and venues and conducting final walkthroughs on the day of the event to ensure everything meets the required standards. Primary duties: A fashion deer is responsible for deing clothing and accessories. Their primary duties include conducting market research to identify new trends and techniques, selecting fabrics and collaborating with team members to select seasonal themes or make edits to lines.

Here is a look at 80 other interesting jobs that you may want to consider as you're exploring fun and unique careers:. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. in. Finding a Job. Video game deer. Ski instructor. Cake decorator. Wedding consultant. Tour guide. Park ranger. Booking agent. Wedding planner. Staff photographer. Event planner. Fashion deer. Related View More arrow right.

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Discover what it means to be shortlisted for a job and learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about the shortlisting process.

Looking for fun 100 real

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