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Under state law, the teenager could not operate a power saw, work on ladders or even pump gas. The state also regulates how many hours and times of day minors can work. But in Rhode Island, where Roberts is lieutenant governor, the teen -- with a work permit -- can take off all her clothes at a strip clubeven those where adult men can touch the merchandise. Just this week the Providence Journal revealed that a loophole in the state's minor laws do not restrict girls as young as 16 from working as strippersas long as they are home by p.

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This spring, while investigating a year-old runaway who had been working at one of Providence's notorious strip clubspolice discovered that they could not prosecute, because there were no local or state laws barring teens from working in the city's thriving adult entertainment business. In other parts of the country, even in Las Vegasthere are age limits on strippers, according to the report. The year-old runaway had been working at Cheaters, described by the Boston Strip Club Directory as "dark and dirty. Now, amidst the embarrassing publicity in a state that has one of the highest unemployment rates and a reputation for corruption, Roberts is supporting a bill introduced by state Rep.

Joanne Giannini, D-Providence, that would close that loophole. When the Fraternal Order of Police comes to town for their annual convention, buses were hired to transport members to the strip clubs, according to local social historian Scott McKay.

Founded by religious dissidents, some say the state -- which is not really an island -- is quick to forgive. During his three-decade tenure as mayor Providence, Vincent "Buddy" Cianci, served two prison sentences. One of the prison terms came after he was convicted of throwing a burning log at a man he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

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Rhode Island has always been staunchly independent; its founder Puritan Roger Williams bucked government intervention, famously admonishing, "Forced religion stinks in the nostrils of God. Inconsistencies in Rhode Island law would allow teens to turn to prostitution, providing it's done indoors -- in a hotel room, club or private home. Prostitution is only illegal when the solicitation is done outdoors.

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But a year-old cannot drive without an adult in the car, and those under 18 cannot buy pornography or alcohol. It is also illegal to photograph or film minors in sexually suggestive ways. The General Assembly, which is not currently in session, has stalled on other legislation that would ban prostitution and sex trafficking. Giannini introduced her bill to ban minors from stripping after learning about the year-old who was working in one of the Providence clubs. She equated her bill with other legislation that addresses human trafficking. A rescue worker called police and found she had been wanted as a runaway by an FBI task force that targets people who prostitute children.

It affects all our. She cited research that shows between 60 and 80 percent of nude dancers were raped or sexually abused as children. Sexualization is also linked to mental health problems, low self esteem and depression, according to the American Psychological Association.

But police said that after the runaway incident, they have investigated all the city's strip clubs and found no other juveniles. Tom Tsoumas, co-owner of the gentlemen's club, Foxy Lady, said no one in his operation is allowed to work without a "definitive ID" that shows they are over The club serves alcohol and has all-nude entertainers.

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Meanwhile, some cynics who read the newspaper by Amanda Milkovits had their own reaction. Wrote one commenter, Mike, "As Rhode Island faces a flight of industry, jobs, and citizens and a deferred state budget nightmare, all of which will absolutely degrade the health and well-being of thousands of its citizens, the lieutenant governor finds the most pressing issue is strippers under 18, of which there are known to be exactly zero!

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Teen Strippers, Old Enough to Be Indoor Hookers but Too Young to Drive