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Laramie had a successful Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, with a record of birders braving the wind and cold or loyally watching their feeders. Lists were compiled by our organizer, Shay Howlin, during a Zoom meeting, which, although fun, was no match for the potluck held during years. Pine Grosbeaks photo courtesy of Chris Dewey The volunteers documented 39 species and almost 4, individuals. In addition to the species counted on Saturday, a tally is kept of all species observed during Count Week.

Below is a short list of common species that we did not see. If you have seen any of these birds within 7. Please include information regarding the date and location. The weather forecast for Saturday Halloween! If you are late, head south on the path, as we will probably start out in that direction. The Greenbelt is a flat, paved, accessible pathway and therefore should be suitable for all birders, including families with young children and those who prefer walking on relatively uniform surfaces.

We expect to spend several hours birding, but attendees are free to leave at any time. And your friends are always welcome, too! Covid Considerations : Attendees at events including field trips are required to wear masks and to remain mindful of social distancing. We will not be organizing carpools for the foreseeable future. Audubon gmail. If you haven't already, please take a moment to renew your membership either via the link to the right or via U. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Martin will fill us in on the wetlands Laramie free couple chat park friday project completed at Laramie's Monolith Ranch. We will meet at the ranch and walk in approximately one-quarter mile along a fairly flat two-track road to the restored site. After Martin's presentation there will be the option to spend a little time birding along the edge of the wetlands, so bring binoculars if you have them!

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Please note that this area is closed to public access - the Laramie Audubon Society and Ducks Unlimited received permission to visit for this event only. Directions will be ed to those who register for the event. If you plan to attend either event, please register by sending an to laramie. We are not arranging carpools for the foreseeable future. Meet at the parking area just inside the fence, adjacent to the Refuge's information board. If you are early or late, look for us near the observation deck at the far end of the Refuge. Although the lakes have been shrinking through the summer, there are still some ducks and shorebirds being reported via eBird.

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Please pre-register by ing us at laramie. New policy: LAS will only share spotting scopes that are equipped with camera viewers; we are currently uncertain whether we will have any such scopes at this field trip. In consideration of Covid, we've made some changes to our typical protocols. Please be sure to wear a mask and be mindful regarding social distancing at all LAS events. Due to potential risks associated with carpools, our Fall schedule focuses on birding spots within or close to Laramie. Depending on the group sizes at our initial trips, we may set size limits for the later trips.

The Fall field trip schedule kicks off at 8 a. Monday, December 28, Northern Goshawk. LAS member Jason Lillegraven shared the following image of a Northern Goshawk, which spent time yesterday in his backyard on the south side of Laramie. Northern Goshawks typically hunt birds and small mammals, including crows, squirrels, and rabbits, both within the forest and along the forest edge. They often perch in trees while watching for prey; this Goshawk appears to be using the fence for that purpose! The Audubon Guide to North American Birds the source for the information provided above has more photos and information regarding this fascinating predator.

If you have photos or information regarding birds of interest in the Laramie area, please feel free to share them with Laramie free couple chat park friday Labels: Trip ReportVolunteer Opportunity. This will be the 43rd count of the Albany County circle. Volunteers are needed to help count every bird present in the mile diameter circle around Laramie on the day of the count.

All levels of bird watchers, including feeder watchers, are welcome. All volunteers for the Albany County circle need to pre-register or attend one of two drop-in zoom calls to receive a route asment. There will not be any in-person meetings prior to the count.

Contact Shay Howlin ; wolfhowlin gmail.

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Volunteers are the backbone of the Christmas Bird Count and are encouraged to participate despite changes to the format. As usual, some teams will walk, while others will drive through their territory. All participants will be required to wear masks or social distance during the count. Carpooling is only permitted for existing family or social pod groups. Virtual compiling will take place at 6 pm on the day of the count. Electronic submission of data forms will be encouraged to facilitate the compiling event. Please contact Shay Howlin if you would like to be ased a route early, would like forms for feeder watching, or have any questions.

Friday, October 30, Rosy-finch Volunteer Opportunity. Some of us Laramie Auduboners are enthusiastic Rosy-finch observers. So we were excited to see this community science opportunity from our friends at the Wild Utah Project. Their message is quoted below. If you've been seeing rosy-finches in your area or even if you haven't but you're still in the rangehere is a cool project to get involved with: The Black Rosy-finch Study is seeking Feeder Count Volunteers for our winter season!

Rosy-finches are one of the least-studied birds in North America, and we are trying to fill data gaps for these colorful birds with the help of community scientists. Volunteers will conduct minute bird feeder counts for Rosy-finches once every three weeks throughout the winter and early spring December — April. You can choose to do surveys at publicly accessible bird feeder locations, or at your own bird feeders in your backyard. We will hold a live zoom training session on Thursday, November 19th from 7pm-8pm, and will have a recorded online training available for those who are unable to attend the live session.

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The Greenbelt is a flat, paved, accessible pathway and therefore should be suitable for all birders, including families with young children. If you are late, you may be able to find us by heading south on the Greenbelt.

Recently observed birds at this location include Greater Yellowlegs, Hermit Thrush, Spotted Towhee, and a Merlin, as well as numerous more common species. Covid Considerations: Attendees at events including field trips are required to wear masks and to remain mindful of social distancing.

Please bring your binoculars if you have them! Directions are provided below. Labels: Talk AnnouncementTrip Announcement. The Laramie Audubon Society is doing things a little differently this Fall. Our theme for the evening is Our Best Birding Stories. local celebrities, including our own Tim Banks, former LAS President, for an outdoor evening of sharing stories about past birding adventures.

Please wear your mask and be prepared to physically distance. You may want a blanket or cushion for sitting on the metal park benches. Labels: Talk Announcement. Sorry everyone, but due to the smoke being at unhealthy levels this morning, we've decided to cancel today's cemetery trip. Tuesday, September 1, Fall Event Schedule.

Laramie free couple chat park friday

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