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Why do we never see these expressions of sex, love and romance? Yes there is Indian Love Medicine, we all know it when we find it but to search for it, well you better have excellent bush skills—as in tracking skills. You can find Indian Love Medicine in many forms. There is a tradition of sex and erotica common in tribal oral histories, much like other cultures where sex and normal bodily functions were openly talked about in Lady wants sex Iroquois Falls forums, from storytelling to dance performances to the stage.

Our oral traditions say sex created the world, all its physical features and spiritual mysteries. Whether it was a trickster or the celestial wind, there had to be a primal energy. For a society, a culture to get anywhere, people need to engage in sex, to enjoy sex and nurture their younglings to engage in healing, supportive culture. Consider that the population of Native North Americans was down to the tens of thousands, due to disease, genocide and government policy, it was a true decimation in that 10 percent survived.

Our families were targeted and that is also a true definition of genocide when women and children are killed, not just the men, and Lady wants sex Iroquois Falls cannot replace their s. There are tales of Indians from tribes who were made slaves by the Europeans and stopped having sex so their children would not be born into slavery.

And so if we can come back from genocide, you have to know that we engage in sex, lots of it, and love it too. We just keep coming back—like Charlie Hill said about the Energizer bunny. Native women and men have always been treated as sexual objects, play-things and romantic fantasies. Natives become targets of fantasy or violence because of the way we were dressed—or not dressed. We were asking for it. Narratives of capture and captivity were the first American stories and novels, and what sold the stories was that sometimes the women did not want to return to their settler lives, lives of constant work and child-rearing, without having the rights of their Native sisters.

Consider the tale of Mary Jemison, whose life with the Senecas was a -turner when published in It was at Seneca Falls, NY, in that the suffragettes started their fight for the equal rights that Iroquois women enjoyed for centuries, so it is incongruous to think that these progressive American ideas from centuries ago old are still more progressive than what is on the political agenda these days. The Puritan fathers banished free thinkers mainly uppity women to Rhode Island but when they were informed of Maypole Fertility rites being conducted with the Native populace, they busted them like the Untouchables during Prohibition.

Consider that a recent Christian tale of redemption from savagery and potential ravagery, a controversial movie from called Alone Yet Not Alonewas created for a specific "modern" audience. Repression of all this humanity has created bloody religions, divisive politics, and hypocrisy as the Bible Belt is at the top in viewing pornography, while porn is a top corporate earner on a per pay basis in the hospitality industry. Then there is a whole catalog of romance novels, notably Cassie Edwards' "Savage" series though she is by no means the only author in the genrethat pass as updated captive fantasies, and they do not appear likely to go away anytime soon.

Romance novelist Cassie Edwards has built her career on stories of white women falling for Native studs.

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They attach these concepts to us with no guilt, sometimes even no sex, as we can be seen as spirits and guides, or just characters in movie scripts who do not feel anything. We are totems standing impassively, if we have emotions they are not shown—we're like Hank Williams' wooden cigar-store Indian Kaw-liga, the "poor old wooden head," who falls in love with a wooden Indian maiden in an antique store across the street. His statement coincides with other Native artists that say it is time to express a positive aura about our own bodies, that it is all quite healthy and normal, with no cause for shame.

Pappan says that in some ways, Deer Woman is still performing, reaching out from the spirit world.

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Ruth Westheimer or a red Dr. Sue Johansen for starters. Consider "The Power of Cherokee Women" as a guide to what empowered women would expect of men.

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Do Indians have sex? Do Indians think of sex? Do Indians fall in love? A scene from 'Alone Yet Not Alone' Repression of all this humanity has created bloody religions, divisive politics, and hypocrisy as the Bible Belt is at the top in viewing pornography, while porn is a top corporate earner on a per pay basis in the hospitality industry.

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Lady wants sex Iroquois Falls

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