I want my dream man

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Writing a manifesto of the man I wanted seemed a silly activity for a something. But we are never too old to create intention in our lives. And we should always continue to learn about our hearts. He raises an eyebrow.

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I tell him a friend had tasked me with creating a list of characteristics and attributes I want in a partner. I completed it months ago, during a lull between boyfriends. He keeps ingredients handy to make me mocktails. He plates the food and lays the placemats and carries my plate to the table.

As we curl up on the couch after dinner, his thoughtful nature and curiosity rear up again. I open my phone and give him a cursory view of the document. As I later review the list, I realize I must be internalizing it. A of your dreams is a frightening thing to talk about, but it feels good to open a venue for I want my dream man to explore their relationship goals and desires. I made a few edits. I had to add the bit about cooking! In my mind it was already there. There are many beautiful men who fit the bill. One of them will sweep me off my feet.

And my goals and dreams may change because of him. But I think most of the core stuff will stay. I hope you glance over my list. I hope you make your own. I hope you determine what you want and what you can live with and what matters. I hope you determine what flaws you can let slide because you love your partner enough to handle that inconvenience — big or small. I hope you know what is absolutely core to the love that is right for you and that you refuse to compromise those points.

I hope you love yourself first and your partner, friends and family a close second. I hope you are brave and open and vulnerable. My Dream Man List in no particular order. You are funny. You must be engaging and hilarious. You must match my wit and try to one-up me. It can never be malicious, and we have to let one another win from time to time.

I want to laugh until my abs are glorious. You have great hair and teeth. You are attentive. Your eyes never leave me. You touch me. You display affection for me. It is clear to all, you are delighted to be with me. I treat you the same way. You are a good father. You are an excellent male role model. You show my kids what it looks like to treat a lady well. You love them. You do boy stuff with my boy and make my girl feel beautiful.

You make all of us better see the amazing creatures we are. You love to travel. We relish in seeing new places, having new experiences, immersing in new cultures and eating new foods. You love being exposed to new ideas. You will get on a plane and go anywhere with me, any time.

You are kind, but snarky.

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You have a big, soft, gentle heart. You love privately making fun of things with me. You are successful. You understand that stuff is just stuff. You are hyper-sexual. You love sex. With me. You love trying new things. Honesty is part of your soul. We talk about the pitfalls before they become so big they consume us. If we start to feel more comfortable talking to someone else about our lives than each other, we fix it.

We are a team. You are loving. You hold me. I hold you. We hold hands. We kiss, a lot. We listen to each other. We lift each other up. We walk side by side. We show our kids — and the whole world — what healthy love looks like. You are smart. You challenge me intellectually. You read. You love music and art and movies and books. You are always trying to be I want my dream man than you were before. You change and grow alongside me and talk to me about our shared goals.

When I am with you, I will not take you for granted. Nor you me. I want to love you so much, so surely, so clearly, that I tattoo your initial on my left ring finger. If I ever feel that I can do that, you are the heart for mine. Happy loving, friends. in. Felicia C. The Dream Man List. Chryssy Moor Follow. My Dream Man List in no particular order You are funny. I Love You Relationships now. Relationships Love Goals Family Conversations. I Love You Follow.

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I want my dream man

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