Fun girl for tonight

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Know what I want just like u cause I make my own money and my own rules love who I want and fuck who I choose I guess that makes me undesirable and I guess that makes you so attractive. I wish more songs on the album were like this You can check my cover. It'll mean alot hope you guys like it. I like this. I like the real vocals. She has an amazing voice. I hate that they put so much auto tune on her vocals on almost all her other songs when she can really sing!! And it calls him out in that. Does anybody cried listening to this masterpiece because it's too real and too deep?

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She always cuts up on the acoustics I feel like every guy needs to hear this song. Hey guys! I did a cover of this song and would love it if you checked it out! This song hits my heart deeply Especially the part when she said I guess that makes me on undesirable and I guess that makes u so Attractive. When you think you found your fave summer song!! Then you listen to this!!!!!!! Summmmmmmer wth. If this tea about Drake being gay on the dl is true Damn life's unfair forreal. Sausy HarringtonTMH willing, there is a remedy.

Forget this new age crap, and don't have sex with men before marriage.

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Have a boyfriend sure but still no sex. Yes TMH willing it really is that simple. Even if the man pays for you, takes you out on trips etc.

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Do not have sex nor any sexual relations with him. If he wants to leave because of it let him. Odds are he will come back. I repeat just don't have sex. TMH instructions are honestly the answer to everything. You notice a pattern right? After sex he couldn't care less about you right? If you have a guy you already had sex with drop him and start over with a new guy.

And no matter what he does or doesn't do for you, don't have sex. Trl Pop so your advice to women is to not have sex with a man until marriage, then once you have sex and he no longer cares about you, he cant leave cuz he is locked into a marriage. Those are instructions for how to start a dumpster fire of miscommunication, lies, control and betrayal!

Love who I want and fuck who I choose to Don't take no shit and won't be used [Chorus] But I guess that makes me undesirable Guess that makes you so attractive, oh Guess that makes me undesirable, oh Guess that makes you so attractive, oh yeah [Outro] Life's unfair Life's unfair, life's unfair, yeah Life's unfair, yeah-yeah Life's so unfair. I remember what you told me What takes me out of the of marriage? Is it cause I know what I want, just like you? Cause I make my own money and my own moves? Love who I want and fuck who I choose to? But I guess that makes Fun girl for tonight so undesirable.

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Fun girl for tonight

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