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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Serological assays were found to vary ificantly in specificity for HCV. HCV strains detected in Uganda included genotype g 4k, g4p, g4q, and g4s and a newly identified unased g7 HCV strain. Two additional unased g7 strains were identified in patients originating from DRC one partial and one full open reading frame sequence.

These g4 and g7 strains contain nonstructural ns protein 3 and 5A polymorphisms associated with resistance to DAAs in other genotypes.

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Clinical studies are therefore indicated to investigate treatment response in infected patients. A lack of knowledge about strains circulating in SSA could affect treatment outcome. HCV is a member of the diverse Hepacivirus genus that includes viruses that infect humans, rodents, bats, canines, and horses. Clinical features of infection with different genotypes are similar, with the consequent risk of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, but response to treatment varies by genotype. The distribution of HCV genotypes varies substantially around the world. Informed consent in writing was obtained from the patients, and the study protocols conformed to the ethical guidelines of the Declaration of Helsinki as reflected in a priori approval by the appropriate institutional review committee.

Statistical analyses were performed using Stata version 12 StataCorp. Uganda cohort characteristics. Two patients were identified, both of whom were born in DRC. This was carried out using a metagenomic sequencing protocol as described. Complementary DNA was purified with 0. The concentration of DNA was measured with a Qubit 2.

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Sequence data were submitted to GenBank accession s to follow. Bootscanning, which records the statistical support for the grouping of a query sequence within a clade of reference sequences representing each genotype. Genetic Algorithm for Recombination Detection datamonkey. These distances were combined with published estimates of HCV genome evolutionary rates to estimate sequence divergence time. In the Uganda cohort, an HCV seroprevalence of 3. HCV seropositivity differed substantially by the assay used Supporting Table S1indicating a variation in performance among tests that was consistent with other reports.

Among Ugandan participants, the OraQuick tested positive in 18 individuals 3. Sixteen individuals had concordant positive serological. Of these, 12 were identified as g4 and three clustered within g7. Within g4, four samples were identified as g4k, three were identified as g4v, four were identified as g4q, and one was identified as g4s. No evidence of recombination was detected in any sequence. Two full g7 ORF sequences were generated using de novo assembly from the same Ugandan participant U sampled 6 months apart. Variation across the genome compared with the H77 reference strain is shown in Supporting Fig.

S1and divergence over time is shown in Supporting Fig. The assembled genome sequence of U consisted of 9, nucleotides, corresponding to nucleotide positions 12 through 9, of the H77 reference sequence. The alternative reading frame gene F geneencoding the putative amino acid F protein was also detected Supporting Fig. The putative F protein length was terminated by a stop codon after 11 amino acids.

Using low, medium, and high estimates of rate of evolution of g1 HCV 0. B Genotype 7 samples NS5B sequences. The tree with the highest log likelihood is shown. The Free sex texting at bellevue lowes region phylogenetic analysis also revealed the shared ancestry of the putative newly identified subtypes of g7.

In the g7 samples, polymorphisms associated with resistance to NS3 and NS5A inhibitors in other genotypes were present in the majority of samples. This has been observed in African studies 1011 and may reflect a cohort of individuals highly exposed to HCV in the past.

Our assessment of HCV seroprevalence demonstrated variable performance between assays, consistent with other estimates for the region. This was particularly apparent in participants who had an initial positive or indeterminate PCR result but a negative result 6 months later, indicating spontaneous clearance in which antibody responses are known to lack sensitivity.

Molecular techniques have an important role in improving active infection detection rates in SSA to facilitate elimination, and there was no evidence in this study that these lacked sensitivity. We also sequenced three g7 samples, two of which represent putative newly identified HCV subtypes.

Despite a low level of sampling, g7 appears to be highly diverse, with at least three phylogenetic lineages. There is a need to understand more about the diversity of viruses in DRC, Uganda, and other countries in SSA because of the potential impact of viral genetic diversity on diagnostic assay sensitivity, treatment response rates, and vaccine de.

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One Ugandan sequence clustered with the g4s reference sequence obtained from an unspecified region of East Africa Three samples each sequenced on two occasions 6 months apart clustered within g4v alongside sequences obtained from Rwanda, Burundi, and Cyprus. Four samples clustered within subtype g4q alongside sequences from Rwanda and Burundi.

Interestingly, three of these isolates clustered with reference samples from Rwanda two g4k samples, U and U, and one g4q sample, U Given the participant ages, and the history of migration from Rwanda to Uganda in the s and the s, it is likely that some of these individuals were born and infected in Rwanda.

Despite the widespread distribution of these g4 strains, they have not featured in published clinical trials to date unlike subtypes g4a and g4d. Further clinical trials are required to investigate response to DAA treatment in patients infected with these genotypes, particularly in patients at highest risk of lack of response to therapy, such as those with liver cirrhosis.

The U sample from Uganda almost meets the criteria for a newly identified genotype sitting at the upper end of variation found within genotypes but at the lower end for intergenotypic variation. This is comparable with the distance found between more divergent strains of g3 or g6. It has been ased here to g7 based on phylogeny genetic distance alone has been shown to be an inadequate measure for asing new genotypes.

The amino acid lengths of the predicted cleavage proteins are similar to those found in the most closely related g7a subtype, with additional insertions in E2 and NS5A.

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An ORF covering nucleotides amino acids of the putative F protein gene was also present in U but not in Kin Using calculations of rate of evolution of HCV, the common ancestor of g7 is likely to have been in the late seventeenth century. A major concern is the sensitivity of g7 and other genotypes, especially g4 variants prevalent in SSA, to treatment with DAAs and whether reduced sensitivity will affect elimination plans set out by WHO. Other variants are present within Free sex texting at bellevue lowes and NS3 that require further characterization through in vitro replicon and clinical studies.

No guidance exists to date for the treatment of g7 infection. It does not appear, however, that diagnosis of HCV is impaired with standard assays. The presence of divergent HCV strains is also of central importance in the efforts to de an effective HCV vaccine. A vaccine candidate deed to target the cytotoxic T lymphocyte response based on an adenoviral prime and MVA boost backbone with the addition of g1b nonstructural genes is in current clinical trials in the United States.

It is possible that future iterations of the vaccine will require modification at these and other sites for use in SSA. In conclusion, the prevalence and genetic diversity of HCV in East and Central Africa is only partially characterized and requires further investigation to evaluate diagnostic assay sensitivity, disease burden, and response to treatment and to enhance vaccine de.

We thank the study participants for their involvement in this important project. Potential conflict of interest Dr. McLauchlan consults and received grants from Abbvie. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Hepatology Baltimore, Md. Published online Mar Singer1 Vattipally B. Sreenu1 Clara Wekesa6 Elizabeth H. Young23 Donald G. George S. Eric H. Oliver G. Joshua B. Vattipally B. Elizabeth H. Donald G. Emma C. Author information Article notes Copyright and information Disclaimer. Thomson, : ku. Corresponding author. Received Aug 16; Accepted Oct Hepatology published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Associated Data Supplementary Materials. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Recombination analysis was carried out using the following: Bootscanning, which records the statistical support for the grouping of a query sequence within a clade of reference sequences representing each genotype.

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Figure 2. Geographic origin and demographics of HCV infected individuals shown by genotye.

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Abbreviation: ID, identifier. Figure 3.

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Supporting information for additional data file. Acknowledgment We thank the study participants for their involvement in this important project. References 1. World Health Organization. Global Hepatitis Report. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; Global distribution and prevalence of HCV genotypes. Sci Transl Med ; 4 ra1 Evolutionary and phylogenetic analysis of the hepaciviruses and pegiviruses.

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