Discreet Albany affairs

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Home Search Help. Source O'Callaghan, E. View Proceedings of the Colonial Congress held at Albany. June The said Commiss rs being now accordingly met took their seats, and produced their respective Commiss ns which were read. His Honour then produced a letter from the Right Hon ble the Lords of Trade, bearing date the 18 th of September last, out of which a paragraph was read. View Afterwards were read two Minutes of the proceedings of the Commiss rs of Indian affairs in this City dated the 15 th and 18 th inst: also a remonstrance from the Oswego Traders to His Honour.

It was recommended as the first step necessary to be taken at this Congress, that the Commissioners should consider of the several matters they may judge proper to be proposed to the Indians, at the intended interview with them, and to prepare the speech to be made on that occasion for which purpose his honour acquainted the Commission rshe would direct the Secretary or Agent for Indian affairs to Discreet Albany affairs them with the Records of that Office, and the Commiss rs of Indian affairs to meet together as often as there should be occasion in order that they might give them all the information relative to Indian affairs.

The Board proceeded to take into consideration the Matters recommended by his Honour in the Morning.

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The whole letter from the Lords of Trade was read and is as follows: Whitehall Sept r 18 Sir, A few days after you sailed from Portsmouth we received a letter from M r Clinton, inclosing minutes of the proceedings between him, and a Deputation of the Mohawk Indians, at Fort George in the City of New York, in June last, with the Journals of the Assembly then sitting. You will without doubt upon your arrival be fully informed of the particular circumstances of this affair, the resentment expressed by the Indians, and the abrupt, and hasty manner in which they went away, and tho' from the confidence we have of your vigilant attention to whatever may concern your Govern twe are persuaded you will not have failed to have taken every necessary and prudent measure to obviate the fatal consequences which might attend this affair.

Yet we think it no less our duty to embrace the first opportunity of writing our sentiments to you upon [it,] and of pointing out to you what appears to us necessary to be done. This being the light in which we see this affair, we think it for his Maj ty's service that you sh d take the very first opportunity of representing to the Council and Assembly in the strongest View Manner of how great importance it is to the Province of New York, to preserve the Friendship and affections of the Indians, and the fatal consequences which most inevitably follow from a neglect of them, that you should press them to with and support you in every measure you shall find it necessary to pursue in order to fix them in the British Interest, more especially by making proper provisions for presents for them, which ed to the presents allowed by His Maj tyand which you will Discreet Albany affairs by this conveyance, may serve to facilitate this great end, and to wipe away all remembrance of that neglect, the Indians now complain of.

As a speedy interview with the Indians is from their present disposition become the more necessary, you will no doubt think it proper to advise with the Council, as to the time and place of meeting the Indians, in which points we trust you will have a due regard to their convenience, and as it appears from their complaints, that Albany, which has been the usual place of meeting is obnoxious to them, you will, if you find sufficient foundation for this complaint appoint some other place, you shall think more for their Ease and satisfaction, and we observe from a Report of the Council and Assembly to M r Clinton that Onondaga is proposed as the most proper place.

We likewise hope that in the choice of the Persons who are to attend and assist you at this interview, Discreet Albany affairs will have a regard to such as are best acquainted, with the Indians and their affairs and not obnoxious to them; and as a great deal depends upon the Interpretors, we desire you will be particularly careful to appoint such as are well acquainted with the Indian language and Men of ability and integrity.

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As we find it has been usual upon former occasions when an interview has been held with the Indians, for the other neighbouring Govern ts in alliance with them to send Commiss rs to be ed with those of New York, and as the present wavering disposition of the Indians equally effects the other provinces, we have wrote to the Governours of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, N. Hampshire, Massachusetes Bay and New Jersey, desiring them to represent to their respective assemblies the utility and necessity of this measure, and to urge them to make proper provision View for it and therefore it will be necessary that when you have settled the time and place of meeting, you should give them early notice of it, and this le us to recommend one thing more to your attention, and that is to take care that all the provinces be if practicable comprised in one general treaty to be made in His Maj ty's name, it appearing to us that the practice of each province making a separate treaty for itself in its own name, is very improper, and may be attended with great inconvenience to His Majesty's service.

And also were read the following papers from the Commiss rs of Indian affairs at Albany. Mynd t Schuyler to convene the Commiss rs of Indian Affairs that they might consult together if they had any matters in particular to recommend to His Honour upon the approaching interview, with the Six Nations.

In consequence hereof the Commiss rs are of opinion, that the Six Nations who now live dispersed and confused, should in the most earnest manner be exhorted to unite and dwell together in their respective Castles, and that the Mohawk Nation should live in one Castle only. That his honour apply to the Onondaga Indians in particular to direct and exhort them to live together in one Castle according to their ancient and prudent Custom, and to cause all their friends and Relations wherever dispersed to them particularly those who have separated themselves, and live at present at Sweegassie [1] on the South side of the River S t Lawrence, to the Eastward of Cadaraghqui where the French have lately fortifyed, have a Garrison, and where a French Missionary constantly resides in order to draw them off from our alliance.

At this Sweegassie the French have lately made a settlem t of Indians belonging to the Six Nations of which the greatest part are from Onondaga and Cayouge. That whereas the French have been long endeavouring to prevail on the Senecas to come and settle at Irondequat in order to have them nearer to Discreet Albany affairs settlements, the more easily to effect their de of debauching them from the British interest, the Commiss rs are of opinion, Discreet Albany affairs his Hon r should insist on the Senecas, who at present live very remote from one another, 1.

O'Callaghan, E.

Discreet Albany affairs

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