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The entertainer, 47, appeared on the show this week following his near-fatal stroke, but came under fire for saying "who ate all the pies? However, Daniyela said she wasn't offended in the slightest and even described herself as "fat", calling what Chico said "fact.

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I cannot believe that my husband had a stroke and miraculously survived it, which is due to his fitness, and people are concentrating on a comment which has been taken totally out of context. Daniyela was happy to share her dress size and explained why she wasn't as slim as her husband. The truth is I am fat and I no longer want to be!

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The couple have known each other for 28 years, and Daniyela shared how Chico tells her daily how much he loves her. She explained that he only urges her to lose weight because he is worried for her well-being and wants her to be in the best of health for their children. When asked about how his illness had affected her, Chico said it had given her the boost she needed to go on a health kick.

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I have been banging this drum for years! We have different body types. Got a story?

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We pay for videos too. in.

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Chico wife life

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Chico’s wife Daniyela defends husband’s ‘fat-shaming’ comments and insists she DOES need to lose weight following his stroke