Cambridge affair women

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Hanbury is a former model and the wife of the Marquess of Cholmondeley, a man who is 23 years her senior. Prior to tying the knot with the Marquess of Cholmondeley, Hanbury already had connections to the royal family.

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She also runs in the same social circles as many members of the royal family, including William and Kate, both of whom call her a friend. Reports of William stepping out on Kate first surfaced in the spring of The insiders also noted that William and Kate face ups and downs in their relationship just like any couple. William and Kate tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in Their paths first crossed when they were studying at St. Although William and Kate brushed off the cheating rumors as blatant lies, the reports did have an effect on their relationship.

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According to ElleKate was very disappointed when she heard the rumors, especially knowing that their children would one day read about them online. Luckily, Kate and William faced the rumors head-on and used the situation as an opportunity to grow closer.

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The affair rumors first cropped up after Kate and Hanbury seemingly experienced a falling out in their relationship. Sources claimed that the affair was the reason why Kate was shunning Hanbury. William and Kate did not address the cheating scandal in public. Sources said that they did consider legal action against the tabloids but ultimately decided against it.

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It is unclear where things stand between Hanbury and the Cambridges, though she has been spotted at a few royal engagements since the rumors started.

Cambridge affair women

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