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In the imaginary address book that exists only in my mind, I have several important contact lists:. Obviously, bras—the good, the bad, and the ugly-but-comfortable-so-who-cares—also come up a lot. I never have more than a couple of bras on rotation, so I take my recommendation-giving extremely seriously. In an effort to widen my circle and remind everyone of the joy that is receiving a personal recommendation from someone with the same underwear struggles as you, I asked the below list of women to tell me about their favorite bra.

What is your favorite bra, and why? It gives me support and coverage while providing a sheer detailing for cleavage.

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What are your biggest bra pet peeves, and how does this bra avoid them? My biggest bra pet peeve are thin straps that dig into your skin. If this is your 1 bra, do you have a runner-up or second honorable mention?

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Recommended by Lulu Bonfilsa 36G What is your favorite bra, and why? I have so many go-to bras and favorites for different reasons. My honorable mention would be the Savage X Fenty unlined bras. Unlined bras are my favorite and all I ever wear, and they have a great variety of prints to mix and match. Recommended by Patriciaa 38C What is your favorite bra, and why? I usually prefer going braless, but whenever I need some extra support, I always reach for my Eros triangle bralette by The Great Eros.

Wearing this gorgeous bra makes me feel confident, sensual, and powerful. I hate when bras have underwire that dig into my side. This bra is great because it offers the support I need with the comfort of a bralette. My runner-up is the Pansy Co bralette in mauve. Recommended by Nora Taylora 36G What is your favorite bra, and why?

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I have fallen asleep in this bra more times than I care to recount. Being generally uncomfortable?! Digging into my armpits, probably. But yeah, I love this bra! I wear this one from ThirdLove. I hate when an underwire digs into my pit! The Girlfriend Collective sports bra!

During pregnancy I tried to put off shopping for new bras, knowing that my body was going to keep changing, but I was getting so uncomfortable in my old ones that I pulled the trigger on this style from Chantelle that seems to be an update on the old style I loved. Then those parts start to dig in. I love how Chantelle bras are un-padded but have enough structure in the cup to support my breast comfortably and in a flattering shape that looks good under clothes.

If this is your favorite bra, do you have a runner-up? This one from Fortnight offers lo of support without an underwire. The bralette category is often sized medium, large, XL, etc. This bra gets a lot of support from the longer line band and sturdy mesh, and it comes in proper bra sizing so you can get the perfect fit. Savage x Fenty has some of my favorite bras. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to wearing a bra is to actually have to wear a bra. The feeling of having something hold you up all day has never felt right with me.

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The only honorable mention I can give is to my mom for my genes and her telling me to sit up straight. Posture has a lot to do with how your breasts stand up. It has helped my breasts stand on their own, with or without a bra. Recommended by Jessica Leahya 36E What is your favorite bra, and why? I guess for me the biggest pet peeve I have is just generally uncomfortable bras that keep circulating in my wardrobe. I guess if my sports bra is all about function, then for something pretty I can always hit up Savage x Fenty. I know they have really inclusive sizes, and I just generally love the sexy styles that are also really supportive.

Recommended by Sydney Gracea 40D What is your favorite bra, and why? Anything that makes me continually readjust usually in me promptly taking off said bra, but the MeUndies bralettes are no-frills and no adjustments needed. By Harling Ross. By Elizabeth Tamkin. By Beth Sacca.

By Madeline Montoya. Search Clear Search. Shop Now. Shopping: Sales.

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